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Our Journey
    • Established
    • Implemented Television Management System
    • Started to work on CBS
    • Started to work on Hospital management System
    • Implemented HMS
    • Implemented CBS CoSys
    • Sales of CoSys
    • Implemented Office project Ticketing
    • eGurekul Student Management System
    • Implemented SMS Banki
    • Research and development of mobile banking middleware
    • Implemented Collector APP
    • Re Engineering Of CoSys to NexGenCoSys
    • Implemented Management APP
    • Implemented BLB
    • Implemented Mobile Banking (online/offline) without public IP
    • Started to sales NexGenCoSys
    • Implemented Online KYC
    • Started to work on VISA Card instigation
    • Implemented Omni channel
    • Introduced Credit Information System
    • Implemented Livestock Management System (FarmSys)
    • Started Cyber security wings
    • Introduced VISA Card in cooperative ( First Time in South Asia)
    • Started to work on USA Lottery Management System
    • Waste Management System
    • Started working on IOT
    • Started development of Manpower/ Skill labor migration management System
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Our industry expertise and experience has led us to be trusted by over 1k+ institutions in the financial landscape of Nepal.

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Fintech innovations make financial solutions easier to implement, streamlining transactions and enhancing user experience.

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Fintech advancements catalyze increased growth rates by fostering efficiency, reducing friction, and unlocking new opportunities in the financial landscape.

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The branding of the future seamlessly integrates digital experiences, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights to create authentic and engaging connections with consumers.

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